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1.2 meters executive office desk

Original price was: KSh 24,500.00.Current price is: KSh 20,500.00.

Our office furniture in Kenya have a vintage style wooden executive desk for your office having,
– Executive finish.
– Fixed pedestals on either side with lockable options.
– A total of 3 drawers for extra storage space.
– Tabletop with leather mat in the center.
– Cable management.

Revitalize your executive workspace with our meticulously designed 1.2 meters executive office desk – where sophistication meets efficiency. Crafted with precision and tailored for optimal functionality, this desk is a testament to contemporary office elegance.

Measuring at 1.2 meters, our executive desk offers a compact yet spacious work surface, providing a dedicated area for focused tasks. The sleek and modern design adds a touch of professionalism to your office, ensuring it stands out as a focal point of style and practicality.

Constructed with high-quality materials, this desk guarantees durability and resilience, making it a reliable choice for your executive workspace. The sturdy build reflects a commitment to quality, offering a long-lasting solution for your daily professional endeavors.

Incorporating thoughtful design elements, such as cable management solutions, this desk ensures a clutter-free and organized workspace. The ergonomic layout promotes comfort, allowing you to work efficiently and concentrate on your priorities.

Upgrade your executive office with our 1.2 meters executive desk – a perfect synthesis of form and function. Make a bold statement about your commitment to a modern and efficient workspace. Transform your office into a hub of productivity and style with this premium executive desk.


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