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2-Door metallic office cabinet

Original price was: KSh 28,500.00.Current price is: KSh 23,500.00.


The 2-Door metallic office cabinet design of this metallic office cabinet provides easy access to your documents, office supplies, and personal items while maintaining a clean and organized look. The high-quality metallic construction ensures robustness, making it an ideal choice for storing valuable items securely.

Security is paramount, and our Metallic Office Cabinet is equipped with a reliable locking mechanism. Keep sensitive documents and confidential materials safe from unauthorized access, providing peace of mind in a professional setting.

Versatility meets style in the design of this office cabinet. The metallic finish not only adds a contemporary touch to your office decor but also ensures easy maintenance for long-lasting appeal. The neutral color and sleek lines make it a versatile addition that seamlessly integrates into various office environments.

Experience the convenience of a well-organized workspace with our 2-Door Metallic Office Cabinet. Whether you’re storing files, office supplies, or personal belongings, this cabinet offers a secure and stylish solution. Elevate the efficiency and aesthetic appeal of your office with a cabinet that combines functionality, durability, and modern design.

Organize your office essentials with our 2-Door Metallic Office Cabinet, designed for both functionality and style. Constructed from durable metal, this cabinet features two spacious doors, providing ample storage space for documents, supplies, and personal items. The sleek metallic finish and secure design make it an essential addition to any professional workspace.


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