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Metallic Filing cabinet With Safe

Original price was: KSh 32,500.00.Current price is: KSh 28,500.00.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty metallic construction for durability
  • Integrated safe compartment for secure storage
  • Advanced locking mechanism for peace of mind
  • Spacious filing drawers for organizing documents
  • Ample storage capacity with multiple compartments
  • Versatile functionality for offices and commercial spaces
  • Sleek and professional design enhances workspace aesthetics

Affirm Your Office Security with the Metallic Filing Cabinet with safe

Robust Construction:

Constructed from Heavy-Duty Metallic Materials for Maximum Durability Reinforced Design Provides Superior Protection for Your Valuables Built to Withstand Daily Wear and Tear in Busy Office Environments

Integrated Safe:

Incorporated Safe Compartment Offers Secure Storage for Sensitive Documents and Items Advanced Locking Mechanism Ensures Peace of Mind for Confidential Information Conveniently Accessible Yet Highly Secure for Authorized Personnel Only

Ample Storage Capacity:

Spacious Filing Drawers Provide Plenty of Room for Organizing Documents and Files Multiple Compartments for Easy Categorization and Retrieval of Important Materials Maximize Efficiency and Productivity with Streamlined Storage Solutions

Versatile Functionality:

Ideal for Offices, Home Offices, and Commercial Spaces Requiring Enhanced Security Versatile Design Allows for Seamless Integration into Various Office Layouts Combines Functionality with Security for a Comprehensive Storage Solution

Sleek and Professional Design:

Modern Metallic Finish Adds a Touch of Elegance to Your Office Décor Sleek Lines and Contemporary Aesthetics Enhance the Professionalism of Any Workspace Elevate Your Office Environment with the Stylish and Practical Metallic Filing Cabinet with Safe


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