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3-Link unpadded waiting bench

Original price was: KSh 21,999.00.Current price is: KSh 17,500.00.

Product Description

3-link padded waiting bench is suitable for any office waiting space, it is made of pure aluminum metal; strong, hard and rust resistant. It also consists of four supporting metallic legs with circles bottom base to keep it stable. Both the sitting and the back lining side are padded using spongy cushions. This cushions also vary in color; that’s why the 3-link padded waiting bench range in a variety of colors for instance blue, black ets.

Jamii 3-link unpadded waiting bench

Jamii Furniture Kenya 3-link unpadded waiting bench is a standard seat for any office or any official institution waiting space. 

Features & Characteristics

-04 strong metallic support with rounded bottom base to keep it stable.

-Has 02 armrests on both the left and the right side,

-03 black spongy cushion padded spots to accommodate to a maximum of three people.

-Accommodates a maximum of three people hence (3-link unpadded waiting bench)

-Has a curved sitting angle for a comfy rest ( also padded to keep an individuals back comfortable throughout the waiting period)


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