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Headrest executive office seat

Original price was: KSh 12,500.00.Current price is: KSh 8,500.00.

This is a posture friendly ergonomic high-back office chair with a beautiful black mesh back, black fabric seat and black frame. The seat has wheels, is adjustable in height and the back tilts for comfort and back support


  • office chair with headrest
  • with lumber support
  • with swivel mechanism
  • has castor wheels
  • has 5-star spikey -aluminum base
  • adjustable height
  • with armrest
  • comfortable padded seat

This office chair  is the best choice for an office or  for a study room or even a meeting room.  Having this seat in these areas makes your space look amazing organized and also amazing . This seat has some amazing features that we are going to look at .The office chair has a headrest allowing you rest your head and ensure that you don’t hurt your neck . the office chair also has adjustable height allowing you to  adjust the height to your desired position . the chair also has a lumbar support allowing you to to sit for long hours without hurting your back .It also has armrest  well positioned so  your arms are in place  it also has a swivel mechanism where this seat can turn 360 without you necessarily having to  get up from the seat .The office chair is also comfortable with  a padded  seat making you comfortably working or studying for long hours . it also has a stable and strong base with castor wheels


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